I’ve just had some work done to my kitchen and had to completely remove and re-install my cat flap step on a brand new door. Firstly this involved referring to the removal instructions. To loosen the grip of the VHB self adhesive tape I strongly recommend squirting some neat lemon juice all around the tape and behind the brackets, then leaving this to slightly soften the tape (I left mine for about 4-5 hours). Then, grabbing the step in the position shown in the instructions, I applied a constant downward pressure to slowly prise the brackets away from the glass.

Unfortunately due to the nature of these fixings (they have to be very strong for the step to work), this process is not especially easy and requires approximately 5 minutes of pressure. It may be worth getting help from someone with reasonable strength if you don’t feel up to it.

Once I had removed the step completely I cleaned all the components and picked off any remaining VHB tape. At this stage if you are comtemplating re-attching the step you’ll need to purchase replacement tape patches. This is done by simply emailing CFS or using the feedback form. I’ll then email you a payment link (for £5 – includes postage) for a replacement set of 4 patches (2 per bracket).

Once you have the new brackets ready you simply click them back onto the plastic step part and install them as normal. IMPORTANT: Please make sure they are the right way up! The longer bracket support should slot into the groove on the bottom of the step and the grip strip should always face upwards.

Job done! 😉

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